Telehealth Therapy

We offer online counseling services and support for anyone who can’t stop by our brick-and-mortar office. With our qualified therapists, we believe we can help anyone find solutions to what holds them back. EMDR techniques work just as well over a remote call as they do in person.

What Types of Counseling Do You Offer Virtually?

We offer many different kinds of virtual counseling, listed below:

– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

– Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

– Solutions Focused Therapy

– Narrative Therapy

– Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

– Bowen Technique

– Motivational Interviewing

We specialize in adapting to our client’s needs, even if that means online sessions from wherever you are most comfortable. At Northwest EMDR, we can do so much virtually, whether you struggle with anything from depression, trauma/PTSD, and anxiety/stress to unstable thoughts or even relationship troubles.

We are qualified in various counseling methods to help people of any age overcome personal barriers. Your counselor will know what method or combination of techniques will best help you. They may choose a more traditional route with a method like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Or they may choose a more current but possibly more effective treatment like EMDR or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. Either way, working with an online therapist will undeniably be a refreshing virtual counseling experience.

Why Virtual Sessions Can Be The Right Fit

For many people, the virtual counseling experience is better and more relaxed than in an office environment. It is so amazing how technology allows everyone access to get the simple help they are looking for from just about anywhere in the world. Some people can achieve better results and get the help they need more effectively through online counseling than in-person counseling.

Many people can open up much more if they are in a space, they feel comfortable in and communicating through a computer or phone. Being able to open up and truly work with the counselor to the fullest is a critical part of positive results from therapy. It takes your dedication. Virtual counseling allows many more people to commit in the way required, with the flexibility that fits into their life.

Is Online Therapy Different From In Person Therapy?

Virtual therapy is not much different from in-person therapy. The quality of counseling is the same. The only difference is that you are communicating with your therapist through a device instead of face-to-face. Doing therapy this way is much more comfortable for many people and can lead to better results. The basic practices are the same, whether a more standard practice like CBT or even newer, proven methods like EMDR. Your counselor will know the best way to approach your specific situation. We are qualified to work with anyone, even in virtual counseling settings. Our experienced online psychiatrists at Northwest EMDR can address any barriers you may be experiencing.