Grief Counseling

The feelings of grief often caused by loss can be a heavy and confusing weight to carry. It is different for everyone, but NorthwestEMDR grief counseling will help you get the relief you need to heal from any loss or traumatic experience that may be causing you grief. We specialize in various qualified therapeutic techniques to help tailor your grief counseling to you.

What Is Grief Counseling?

Because grief is different for everyone and comes in various forms, there is no one size fits all solution. Our grief counseling offers many distinct and proven techniques to create an individual counseling experience helping you feel at your best again. Grief from loss does not only include the loss of a loved one. It is possible to feel distressed and sorrowful from losing your health, a job, a marriage, or even a home after moving.

Traumatic grief, or grief experienced because of something traumatic, is another form of despair that counseling can help you get through. Not only can witnessing or experiencing something traumatic leave you with the trauma of the event, but also traumatic grief. Traumatic grief, different from loss grief, may be experienced as a fixation or obsession with the details of a traumatic event or struggling to get the sadness and other negative feelings caused by the event out of mind.

How Can Grief Counsling Help

Grief counseling has helped many people for a long time and can work for you, too. The proven therapeutic methods and healing techniques will get you back on track no matter what kind of grief you are experiencing or how you are experiencing it. Counseling will help you get back on track after experiencing loss and feeling the grief that naturally comes with it. At Living Pono, our clinicians are certified to administer all the best practices like CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT or dialectical behavioral therapy, solutions-focused therapy, narrative therapy, and even the latest EMDR or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy.

Grief counseling can help you! Work with one of our qualified clinicians to feel better than ever again. Let go of the weight and negative feelings you are experiencing and live the best life. At Living Pono, we are here for you and will ensure you get the exact assistance you need.


Can I Meet in Person or Online?

Meeting with our clinicians in the office is always preferred for the best experience, but you do not need to live in Washington to work with the premier team at Northwest. We offer remote grief counseling online for anyone to access.

Through online counseling, we can offer all these kinds of therapies: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, solutions-focused therapy, narrative therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Bowen technique, and motivational interviewing. For many people, virtual sessions are the preferred choice over in-person counseling.

Being in the comfort of your chosen environment instead of a new and uncomfortable environment can help to create a better overall experience for the patient. It all depends on the individual, as some may do better with a closer social connection as a part of their counseling.

What Is Grief Counseling Like?

Grief counseling is at least a little bit different for everyone. Each person experiences everything from their individual perspective, so as we mentioned above, there is no one size fits all solution.

The techniques commonly used with people experiencing grief are cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, solutions-focused therapy, and even eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Everyone’s counseling sessions will be different and specific to them. We have some of the best counselors who are experienced and ready to help anyone through some of life’s most confusing barriers.

How Much Does Grief Counseling Normally Cost?

The cost of grief counseling can range depending on many variables. Counselors and counseling offices may charge different hourly rates, ranging from $20 to $250 per hour. Depending on your insurance policy and the circumstances, your insurance may cover all or at least a considerable portion of your grief counseling expenses.

Generally, grief counseling online will be cheaper than in-person counseling services. Check with your counselor to see how you can save the most while getting the help you want. There are always options for everyone, and your counselor is here to help you navigate the process.