Adeyemi Fashola, LMFTA

Meet Adeyemi Fashola, LMFTA

My name is Adeyemi Fashola, Yemi for short. My free time is spent with me enjoying moments and experiences with the people closest to me. I take vacations with my friends to different destinations within the US, and have a heavy eagerness to expand our reach to the sights, sounds, cultures, and food of countries outside of the states. You can find me doing everything from snowboarding in the winter months, to spending summer mornings playing catch & soccer with my baby niece as I try to keep her baby sister from taking my shoes. If I am not in either place, I could as well be at the coast which I recently learned is different from a beach.

I aspire to be as eclectic as possible and dabble between utilizing Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Narrative Therapy. I have my eyes set on training to be EMDR certified as well.

In my opinion and to preface, I am biased in my belief that being a Therapist is an amazing profession. I’m granted the opportunity to witness inspirational growth and self-exploration from individuals of all walks of life. We are able as people to connect on a level that is oftentimes reached through vulnerability from both entities, and with this we facilitate an unveiling of ideas and movement that pushed us towards our collaborative goals.

I like to start off by focusing on on the immediate stressor, all the while preparing for the awaiting transition into unwrapping the core conflict. This method emerges from the idea that when we are able to address the presenting problem, we will also be able to develop & strengthen skills that may also be utilized when exploring the deeper conflict. It truly depends when it pertains to leading versus following the lead during sessions. I tend to enjoy scanning over my notes prior to the session in hopes of staying on topic and charting growth while managing an anchor. But similarly, it sets an excellent foundation when clients feel comfortable taking the reigns of the direction they want us to veer towards.

Approach and education

I believe my greatest strengths as a therapist is my continuous endeavor to expand and find common ground with not only the people that sit in front of me at the office but those that also walk alongside me in this expedition called life. As well as having immense gratitude and appreciation as I’m able to practice within this artistic field, I wield this appreciation as a badge of honor.

The majority of my work thus far has consisted of working with multitudes of different individuals with interesting personalities, ages, genders, and identities. My experience facilitating Female Domestic Violence perpetrator groups was enlightening especially when witnessing firsthand the hard-work and dedication that each member made in order to unveil a multitude of impairing traits that had been passed from one generation to the next. I’ve worked with children & youth ranging in age from Seven to Fifteen years old. Numerous clients progressively excelled towards malleability in understanding the world around them. Each individual I’ve come across invalid of role has solidified a stamp of experience that will leave an imprint.

“You are not broken. You are breaking through.”

— Alex Myles