Tori Watrous, LMHC

Meet Tori Watrous, LMHCA

My name is Tori Watrous and I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I currently live in Camas with my family and our two dogs, Nella and Bella. In my free time I enjoy hiking, crafting, and trips to the Oregon Coast where I love to run on the sand. As a stay-at-home mom for many years, I volunteered with numerous local agencies including Soroptimist, Share House, and Office Moms and Dads of Clark County. Six years ago I decided to start graduate school so I could make a career out of helping children. The best part of my job is getting to know each client and their unique story. I’m honored to help you shape your own life narrative and realize your value in the world.

I truly enjoy helping people improve their lives. Often we feel trapped in life circumstances and lose hope for things getting better. In reality, we are never truly stuck, we just need to create new paths and patterns for ourselves. We have the ability to continually change and improve our lives, even when things feel hopeless. I want to catalyze the healing process by helping release negative patterns so each client can realize their potential for making new, healthier patterns to ensure long term change.

Approach and education

I earned my Master’s degree in Professional School Counseling at City University of Seattle. For several years I worked as a School Counselor in Vancouver Public Schools.

I come from a nonjudgmental place of compassion and empathy. Through years of counseling children, I’ve developed a special kind of patience and tolerance. I see children as strong, wise individuals who need guidance but can also tap into their inner wisdom. My job is to help guide children to listen to that internal, innate wisdom that helps them make good choices.

I engage in a culturally-responsive approach to therapy where I honor culture and ethnicity as fundamental components of identity, well-being, and self-actualization. Each person has a unique and meaningful story shaped by their values and experiences. It’s important for me to honor the individuality of every client.

I enjoy working with children of all ages, from preschool through high school. When I work with young children, I also meet with the parents/guardians regularly to ensure consistency in meeting comprehensive needs. I also work with adults who are facing challenges such as PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce, and domestic violence.

I believe treatment works best when it’s designed to meet the unique needs of each client. I work from a strengths-based and culturally responsive foundation of person-centered therapy. I tailor each treatment plan for the individual with a multi-modal approach where I might use Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior, Solution Focused, or EMDR.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it’s the courage to continue that counts.”

— Winston Churchill